Peter & Anna | Pier 62 at Hudson River Park


I typically play a big role in helping plan the proposals I shoot. From where to kneel, where the best angles are in relation to the sun/light that’s falling, to how to figure out a way for me to hide and be undetected through out it all.

Since NYC is a bit of commute for the both of us, Peter and I decided to plan everything via Google Maps, using street view, stick figure scribbles on our phones, and a few text messages. I know, I know. What daredevils we are.

Peter absolutely knocked it out of the park with this proposal. Not only did he execute the plan perfectly, but he even surprised his fiance, as Anna had no idea this was about to happen.

Peter and Anna rode the Fall Foliage Cruise by Classic Harbor Line in the morning. Following the cruise, Peter decided to take Anna for a walk down Pier 62 before taking a knee. It was a true pleasure documenting these moments for Peter and Anna, and I had an absolute blast shooting a few portraits afterwards! Check it out…


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