Miguel & Nicole | Paterson, NJ


It takes two very special people two be down to shoot on the (less than ideal) streets of Paterson, NJ (no offense to my fellow Patersonians out there!). When our original plans of using the indoor space of a venue fell through, we challenged ourselves to create meaningful photographs on the streets and alleyways where garbage and several distractions flooded the grounds.

Miguel & Nicole absolutely crushed it! When Nicole told me she was into creating dramatic images, I was ready to show her what my interpretation of dramatic was. The majority of this shoot took place on the sidewalk and empty alleyways. We even broke into a vacant bus with piles of garbage inside for a few shots!

Being given creative control and earning the trust from my amazing clients is so crucial, so I'd like to thank these two for allowing me to show them the Forever North way of doing things. Enjoy...


These two are now married! Check out portraits from their wedding day here.

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