Sean & Caprice | Asheville, North Carolina | Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar


When Sean & Caprice told me they wanted me to come down to North Carolina to document their wedding day, there was no hesitation in my reply back.

The sun hadn’t even risen yet when the day started for Caprice, Sean, and their newborn baby Sean Jr.

Once all friends and family arrived, the celebration of love began.

Later on, the reception ended at the Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar, and Sean & Caprice casually said to me “We’re going to get tattooed at the shop around the corner. Feel free to tag along if you’d like!”

It’s not every day you get to see someone in their wedding dress getting tattooed, so you already know what I decided on.

As the sun began to set, we decided to drive to Craggy Gardens in Asheville. It was a race to the top of the hill against the dying light remaining.

The trees danced in cold gusts of wind, and the clouds were roaring cool colors, while the Blue Ridge Mountains showed us where they got their name from.

We just made it to the top in time, and had to use my studio light just to see where to step coming down.

Now that I’ve told you the story, why don’t I SHOW you…


A big thanks to my friend Paul Seiler for shooting this with me!


Tattoo Artist || Isaac at Forever Tattoo

Venue || Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar

Officiant: Destination Elopements

Hair & Make-up || ENVY Makeovers LLC

Florist || Provision Design Methods

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