Want to enjoy cocktail hour? Yep, go ahead.

A joyous moment at a wedding reception captured with a groom in white shirt and suspenders kissing the cheek of another groom who is smiling, surrounded by friends cheering and celebrating the occasion.

Your big day is for celebrating, not setups. Cherish every hug, every laugh, every dance. Less staging, more living.

Right Here, Right Now.

Our approach lets you truly live your wedding day. No forced poses, just real authentic moments. Feel the joy, embrace the love, enjoy the party. We capture what's real, so you don't miss a thing.

Be in the moment.

Raw and real.

Life's magic lies in the spontaneous. The small laughs, unexpected blunders, the glances you share – they make your day truly one-of-a-kind. We document the quiet moments too, taking you back to what it actually felt like on wedding day.

Every tear. Every hug. Every moment captured.

Kiss Awkward Goodbye.

No stiff poses. We guide you every step of the way. Just relax and enjoy; we handle the direction, making sure you look natural and stunning without any guesswork.

Clear communication.

With clear, prompt communication, you will always be in the know with what the next steps are along your planning journey. This allows you to plan stress-free. On wedding day, expert leadership and coordination provides the guided direction you and your guests need in order to look their very best. Don’t worry about anything.

Expert coordination.

Details in focus.

Perfection lies in the details. With a careful eye and skilled touch, we make sure every little part of your special day stands out. From the texture of your dress to the hand-picked florals, nothing misses our camera. Experience photography where the smallest details become treasured memories.

Picture Perfect, Every Time.

Live your day with zero worries. Dynamic Image Enhancement is an exclusive method and industry-first that reimagines what is possible with photography. Wave goodbye to the stuff that shouldn't be there. Any distracting objects, blemishes that don't belong, flower petals that find their way onto the dress, and the beverage your best man forgot to throw away.

Every photo in color. and black and white.

Photos as genuine as you are.

From your first look to your last dance, our photos capture the real you.


Family photos. Fast. Simple.

With our precise direction, beautiful family photos are made quick and easy. Spend less time posing and more time celebrating.

No waiting around. No fuss.

Stress-Free Wedding Experience

Enjoy your day; we've got the details. From the moment you get dressed, feel the freedom to enjoy the day at your pace. We make sure everything clicks so you can focus on what matters: fun-filled love and laughter.

Print it big or share with ease.

Our cutting-edge technology makes your pictures look great, no matter what you do with them. Want to make a huge print for your wall? It'll look crystal clear. Want to share on your phone? We've made it fast and easy.

Print it big or share with ease.

Trust the experience.

Embrace the day. Relax and let our expertise provide peace of mind.

Trust. Comfort. Peace of mind.

The most fun your guests will ever have.

It's not just a wedding; it's the best party ever. Your guests will talk about the fun they had for years to come.

It's the best party ever.

“The only wedding photographers committed to giving more time to relax and celebrate, and less time in front of the camera.”

Tommy Martin, Founder

See the difference. Compare for yourself.

Time spent in front of the camera.
Time spent with friends and family.
Getting Ready Taking Photos Ceremony Fully Present Experience. Speeches & First Dance Fully Present Experience. Taking Photos More Photos Needed

Success Stories. Genuine Reviews From Real Couples.

Man in a casual white shirt giving a piggyback ride to a woman in a blue and white floral dress on the beach, both laughing joyfully.
"Communication is 10/10. Every detail about the process had been so well communicated to us and never left us guessing on what needed to be done."

"We cannot recommend the Forever North team enough! The process started with a call to get to know us which made us feel like they were truly invested in capturing our relationship and not just pictures. We were a little nervous in front of the camera before our engagement shoot but Tommy made it feel so natural and easy, We ended up laughing through the whole thing. Then on wedding day we knew we didn’t have to worry about specific photos being taken because Tommy and Bill had it completely under control (even with our dogs!) we were able to relax and have an amazing wedding day. Communication is 10/10. Every detail about the process had been so well communicated to us and never left us guessing on what needed to be done. Even connecting with our other vendors- everything was handled flawlessly! Pictures are 15/10. We feel the emotion behind every image and feel like we get to keep reliving the best night."

Bride in a lace gown bowing her head in laughter during an outdoor ceremony, with the officiant speaking and groom smiling alongside her.
"Working with Forever North was an absolute DREAM! Their calm and fun vibes were exactly what we needed leading up to the ceremony.”

"Working with Forever North was an absolute DREAM! Not only are they ridiculously talented at capturing all of the most special moments of such a big day, they fit into our wedding as if they could have been friends of ours. From the first time we spoke with Tommy, his passion for his work came through and we continued to see that throughout the entire wedding process. Their calm and fun vibes were exactly what we needed leading up to the ceremony. Tommy and his team were extremely professional, attentive and passionate the day of our wedding - making sure we got all of the shots we knew we wanted to get and, more importantly, the ones we didn't know we needed. We are making it our mission to have all of our soon to be married friends work with Forever North so they can look back on their wedding photos and still get the chills like we do."

Newlyweds walking down the aisle hand in hand, groom in a black tuxedo and bride in a form-fitting lace gown, with guests applauding around them.
"Best choice you will make for your wedding. Our pictures feel like they capture the moment and our story without feeling overly posed."
Erin and Alex
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"Best choice you will make for your wedding. Finding a photographer was a very stressful process. I spent forever scrolling through all of the forums until I eventually remembered seeing an Instagram post from a wedding of a connection I hadn't spoken to in a while. I am so glad that I sent her an out of the blue Instagram message asking if she liked her photographer. She said that Forever North was one of the best choices she made for her wedding and I could not agree more. Tommy made us feel very comfortable. Our pictures feel like they capture the moment and our story without feeling overly posed. Often photography feels like it takes over the wedding and becomes the point of the moment instead of a way to capture it. Forever North captured all of the important moments while also blending into the background. Even my family members who hate having their picture taken made comments about how much they loved working with Forever North. Their organization made the day easy and joyful. They had a list of all of the groupings we wanted and made sure to communicate the order and list with our families throughout the process. This was a huge point of stress going into the wedding, and they made the process seamless. We also rented the Lightning Booth. Such a fun experience! We loved looking at all of the pictures the next day. All ages had a blast. It was easy to use, intuitive, and we loved that it did not require someone to stand next to it and run the process. We are so happy with our choice to hire Forever North! Stress-free process and beautiful outcomes!"

Couple strolling through a lush garden, man in a white shirt and beige pants, and woman in a pastel blue tiered dress, both smiling and holding hands.
"Zero regrets working with Forever North. Working with them was hands down the best decision we made throughout our wedding process.”

"Zero regrets working with Forever North. Working with them was hands down the best decision we made throughout our wedding process. Tommy’s personality is so personable, kind and patient. He truly makes you feel comfortable in awkward moments and has an incredible talent and eye for capturing a moment, inclusive of all the emotion and feelings. I cannot personally recommend him enough. From the moment we had our intro call to our reception previews we always knew we were in good, talented hands with Tommy and Denise. ❤️"

Bride in a sleek white gown with a plunging neckline gazing into the distance, her veil blowing in the wind, with city skyscrapers behind her.
"Our families and bridal party couldn’t stop talking about how great they were. Hire Forever North, it’s the best decision you will make!"

"Forever North is the best! We are so grateful for all of their work and effort in capturing our wedding day. Tommy is incredibly talented and the work is obviously beautiful, but he is also such a genuine person! From the moment he arrived on wedding day he made everyone feel comfortable, knew how to loosen up the anxiety, and was just a calming presence during the intimate moments of picture taking. Our families and bridal party couldn’t stop talking about how great they were. Not only was the day of experience great, but every experience afterword. They have answered every email, made an amazing site for us to keep all our pictures, and took so much time to create a BEAUTIFUL wedding album. Knowing Tommy was the person behind all our memories of the day is so comforting. Hire Forever North, it’s the best decision you will make!”

Joyful bride and groom celebrating with their arms in the air while holding hands under a floral arch, the groom in a plaid blazer and tan pants, the bride in a boho-style lace dress with her hair down.
"Simply put, Forever North is incredible!! They stuck to a tight schedule, making sure nothing ran behind leading up to the ceremony. "

"Simply put, Forever North is incredible!! While the work speaks for itself, my husband and I would be remiss to not share what an absolute pleasure it was to work with Tommy and Josh. We’re still in awe as we look through our wedding photos - they captured every special detail of our wedding, while also staying true to who we are and capturing the essence of us as a couple. My husband and I are not picture people. We just got back from our honeymoon and forgot to take a single picture until our very last day. So you can imagine that posing for wedding photos wasn’t what we were most excited about. But Tommy not only made the process bearable - he made it fun! Still, weeks later, our families and friends are talking about how great it was to work with Forever North. They have a natural ability to make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, and laugh a little along the way. They also stuck to a tight schedule, making sure nothing ran behind leading up to the ceremony. They faded into the background of cocktail hour and reception, so we could focus on immersing ourselves in our day, while making sure every beautiful, fun, and special moment along the way was captured."

Couple laughing together by the waterfront, man in a casual grey shirt and woman in a floral dress, sharing a candid and happy moment in the sunlight.
"We truly chose Forever North for their expertise and how they made the entire process about US and OUR vision. You can tell they’re truly invested in the couples they work with."

"Forever North was one of the best decisions we made when looking for the perfect photographer. We met Tommy at the perfect time through a mutual friend and after seeing his work and how passionate he was with what he does, we knew instantly that we were going to use Forever North. Now, you could say knowing Tommy personally played a huge deciding factor into our decision... But we truly chose Forever North for their expertise and how they made the entire process about US and OUR vision. They made it so easy and seamless from day one. You can tell they're truly invested in the couples they work with. From our first intro call, to our engagement shoot, to our wedding day, it felt like they were there every step of the way with a detailed timeline and it made us just feel so relaxed. Our wedding day was perfect and Tommy and Bill were a pleasure to have around. Even just seeing the sneak peeks they have sent over in the coming days, we know we put our faith in the right team. If you're looking for a vendor who you know will truly be a pleasure to have alongside you through your whole wedding process, Forever North is your choice. 20/10!"

Questions? Answers.

Do you offer engagement shoots?

Absolutely. When you select us for your wedding, your engagement shoot gets even more special. Contact us to discover the perks.

How do I book Forever North?

First, see if we’re free on your wedding day. Next, a quick Zoom chat will allow us to understand what you want. This conversation ensures we’re the right match for you.

What does it cost?

Reserve your wedding date with a $2000 payment. Change your mind within 30 days? We’ll return your payment in full. On our Zoom call, we’ll create a package that’s perfect for you.

How many photos will I get?

We capture all the special moments—every smile and tear. You'll get at least 1,000 photos, each one in beautiful color and classic black and white.

How long after the wedding will I receive my photos?

Expect your photos 28 days after your wedding, right at 6:00 pm. Want them even sooner? Ask for our 100-hour delivery option.

Do you offer video?

Yes. Forever North Cinema seamlessly blends into your wedding experience. Your camera team will stay out of the way, filming real and beautiful moments without anyone noticing. Everything is in super clear 4K. Watching it later feels like reliving your wedding day.

Do you travel outside of New Jersey?

Yes, we bring Forever North to you, no matter the location. We manage all travel details with no fees. From local venues to global destinations, your dream wedding is within reach.

Can’t find an answer here? Send us an email.